How to Create Shortcut for Device Manager On Windows 10

Windows 10’s Device Manager may be familiar to you if you’ve been using it for a while. In Microsoft Windows operating systems, Device Manager is an application on the control panel.

Device Manager lets you view and control all the hardware on your computer. Windows 10’s device manager allows you to manage all devices, be it the graphics card or the SSD.

As well as updating or reinstalling hardware drivers, Device Manager also offers these services. The Device Manager can be accessed in many ways according to Microsoft, but if you’d like to know how to launch it quickly, you’ve come to the right place.

By using a desktop shortcut, you can directly access Device Manager in Windows 10. Accessing Device Manager quickly is made easier if you have a desktop shortcut. Continue reading if you want to know how to create a desktop shortcut for the device manager.

Steps to Create Shortcut for Device Manager on Windows 10

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate a step-by-step method for creating a desktop for Device Manager on Windows 10. Come on, let’s check this out.

Step 1. The first thing you must do is right-click an empty area of your desktop and choose New > Shortcut.

Step 2. Click the ‘Next‘ button and enter devmgmt.msc in the ‘Type the location of the item:’ field.

Step 3. Your new shortcut will be named after the name you enter on the next page. Choose Device Manager as the name and click on ‘Finish’

Step 4. You can now access the Windows 10 desktop. There will be a new shortcut on your desktop to Device Manager.

Step 5. The shortcut file can be activated directly by double-clicking on it.

Step 6. Pin the shortcut to the taskbar for Device Manager as well. Select the ‘Pin to taskbar’ option after right-clicking on the shortcut file.

That’s all there is to it! You are finished. Using the Device Manager shortcut in Windows 10 is as easy as following these instructions.

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