How to Share Tabs Across PC and Mobile on Microsoft Edge

On Edge, Microsoft is finally introducing the ability to easily share tabs across devices. The functionality has been in beta for months and is now available to a select group of Edge users in the stable channel. If you use Microsoft Edge on both your desktop and mobile devices, here’s how you can effortlessly share tabs and resume where you left off.

Share Tabs Across PC and Mobile on Microsoft Edge (2022)

The addition of tab sharing to Microsoft Edge isn’t a new feature. This functionality has been available in Google Chrome for quite some time. However, it’s encouraging to see Microsoft’s online browser adopt the tab sharing functionality. Let’s get started with the steps, shall we?

Edge 1 allows you to send tabs from your PC to your mobile device. Click to highlight the address bar on a web page. Then, in the right corner, you’ll see a new “Send this page” button. Select your device by clicking on it.

2. Select the device you want to transmit the web page to from the device picker window that displays. The tab will appear on your mobile device in a matter of seconds. It’s worth noting that you may use the Edge browser to share tabs with other computers by following the same procedures.

Send Tabs from Mobile to PC on Edge

Edge allows you to send tabs from your phone to your computer.

This article will show you how to transmit Edge tabs from your Android or iOS phone to your PC.

1. In Edge mobile, open a web page, touch the horizontal three-dot menu in the centre of the screen, and choose “Send to devices.”

send tab to pc edge

2. Tap “Send” to share the tab with another device that is connected to the same Microsoft account. In a few seconds, you’ll receive a confirmation toast message.

transfer the tab to the second computer.

3. The shared tab will appear as a notice on your target device.

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