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Organizations taking advantage of the zero-trust segmentation avoid five major cyber-attacks annually, saving more than $ 20 million in downtime costs, according to a new Illumio report.

In the last two years, digital transformation has dramatically expanded the scope of the attack. Where IT was once a wall-in, on-premises technology environment, modern IT architecture now includes on-love, public and multicloud. This increase in connectivity and increasing hybrid complexity has led to a dramatic increase in the number of sensitive endpoints (i.e., laptops) and widened the attack surface. In fact, in the last two years alone, 76% of organizations have been the victims of ransomware attacks and 66% have experienced at least one software supply chain attack.

Most surprisingly, the report found that 47% of security leaders do Not at all Believe that they will be violated – despite increasingly sophisticated and frequent attacks and increasing zero-trust adoption rates (although “breach of law” is the core principle of zero trust).

The Zero-Trust segmentation app saves $ 20 million in downtime, avoids 5 cyber disasters and accelerates 14 digital transformation projects annually.

What’s more, the report reveals that 81% of organizations agree that zero-confidence splitting plays a crucial role in accelerating broader zero-confidence efforts. According to the ESG, organizations classified as advanced segmentation users were 2.1X more likely to avoid a serious outage during an attack in the last 24 months. These organizations are also promoting competitive advantages with 14 more cloud and digital transformation projects planned over the next 12 months.

In short, the report is the latest to show that there is a modern strategy of zero trust and especially zero-trust segmentation, risk reduction and increasing cyber resilience as the risk landscape continues to grow and evolve.

Illumio has commissioned ESG to conduct a global study of 1,000 individuals on the current state of Zero Trust strategies and the impact of Zero-Trust Segmentation (ZTS), a sophisticated approach to the rapidly emerging technology category and the prevention of breaches in hybrid IT. Cloud for data center).

Read the full report by Illumio.

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