Many people believe Naruto Shippuden is a step down from the original Naruto, but this is not the case. Throughout the series, Masashi Kishimoto became one of the best mangakas. Naruto Shippuden takes place a few years after Naruto concluded. It has many brilliant arcs that keep fans interested in the series.

The Pain’s Assault storyline is one of the greatest in the franchise. Many people believe it to be the finest arc in the series. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is one of the finest arcs in anime history. Pain’s Assault concentrates on the Akatsuki leader’s assault against the Hidden Leaf. It spans episodes 152 to 169, as well as episodes 172 to 175. This article will go through the 10 finest episodes from the arc.

10 Episode 173: Origin Of Pain (8.3)

Pain’s history is exposed in this episode. Naruto informs Nagato about the Ame Orphans once he finds him. Jiraiya rescued Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko and taught them how to defend themselves. Nagato was dubious of Jiraiya since she was a Hidden Leaf shinobi who had slain his parents, yet Jiraiya stood out. Jiraiya felt that after viewing Nagato’s Rinnegan, he might restore peace to the Ninja World.

9 Episode 165: Nine-Tails, Captured! (8.8)

Naruto unleashed the full might of the Sage Mode. With the help of natural energy, Naruto was able to destroy Pain’s Preta Path. Fukasaku was defeated by Pain’s Deva Path, and Naruto was trapped while attempting to capture Fukasaku. With Naruto pinned, Pain was overjoyed because he would finally be able to realise his aim of collecting all the tailed animals and destroying the major countries.

8 Episode 162: Pain To The World (8.8)

The Hidden Leaf suffered many losses in the absence of Naruto. Naruto was still training on Mt. Myoboku, but Pain wasn’t about to wait. He went to the Hidden Leaf to bargain with Tsunade for the Nine-Tails, but Tsunade rejected him right away. Pain was not going to take “No” for an answer, so he used Shinra Tensei to transform the village into a massive crater.

With the hamlet in peril, Sakura summoned Naruto, and lo and behold, Naruto made the finest entrance. He arrived at the Hidden Leaf with his Mt. Myoboku allies.

7 Episode 159: Pain Vs. Kakashi (8.8)

If someone informs me that this episode should be placed higher, I will wholeheartedly agree. This episode offers one of Naruto’s finest bouts. Kakashi was up against the Hidden Leaf’s most serious danger yet. He was already at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, but Kakashi wasn’t about to give up without a thorough battle. It was a sheer thrill to witness Kakashi facing someone considerably stronger than him. If Kakashi had known about Pain’s abilities, the result would have been different.

6 Episode 163: Explode! Sage Mode (8.8)

Naruto makes his long-awaited debut, and by Jove, it’s one of the best things you’ll ever see. The community is in despair, and Pain has already begun his assault on it. Naruto’s arrival couldn’t have come at a better moment, to be sure. Naruto just unleashes himself on the opponents. In the episode, he employs Rasengan, Frog Kata, and even Rasenshuriken. The Hero of the Leaf has come to rescue the Leaf from further annihilation.

5 Episode 164: Danger! Sage Mode Limit Reached (8.9)

Naruto used his Rasenshuriken to destroy Pain’s Human Path. Naruto’s sage mode was running low by this point, and Pain could sense it. Shima and Fukasaku, on the other hand, assist Naruto. Gamabunta devoured both Naruto and Pain’s Animal Path in a matter of seconds.

Naruto used the last of his energy to annihilate the Animal Path. Naruto quickly realised that he needed to eliminate the outer path in order to defeat Pain.

4 Episode 175: Hero Of The Hidden Leaf (8.9)

Kakashi was murdered in the combat against Pain, and he was now in the afterlife, conversing with his father, Sakumo Hatake. Sakumo informed Kakashi that he had rescued his companions and had decided to quit his mission. They enjoy a pleasant conversation, but Kakashi’s spirit starts to dissipate when Nagato uses one of the Rinnegan’s powers to resurrect everyone who has been slain. Just before he dies, Nagato entrusts his dreams to Naruto. Konan takes Yahiko and Nagato’s bodies before departing for Amegakure.

3 Episode 166: Confession (9)

Before the invasion of Pain, Team Guy was sent on a mission. Neji noticed an injured Gamabunta and recognised him as Jiraiya’s summoning. In other news, Naruto’s been pinned by Pain, and strangely, Hinata rose to the situation. Naruto and Pain are both taken aback when Hinata enters the battlefield. Naruto attempted to persuade Hinata to go, but she unexpectedly proclaimed her love for Naruto and pulled out one of the chakra rods. Hinata ends up taking a brutal beating for the sake of the man she loves.

2 Episode 168: The Fourth Hokage (9)

Naruto was ready to break the seal that had held the Nine-Tails at bay when he was halted by the Hidden Leaf’s Fourth Hokage. The Fourth Hokage was revealed to be Naruto’s father in the episode. Naruto felt enraged and struck Minato in the belly. Minato fully reseals the Nine-Tails before fading. Naruto returns to normalcy and enters Sage Mode. Then he goes on to fight against pain. Naruto eventually defeats Pain after a lengthy battle.

1 Episode 167: Chibaku Tensei (9.1)

Without a doubt, this is one of the series’ greatest episodes. When Naruto saw Hinata being “killed” by Pain, he was taken aback. Naruto grows enraged and changes into his four-tailed form. Naruto can temporarily stop him, but Nine-Tails’ power is too great.Naruto throws garbage towards Pain, who manages to evade most of it. Naruto’s form changes once more, and he gains two more tails. While being pursued by Naruto in his six-tails form, Pain employs Chibaku Tensei. Naruto, on the other hand, achieves the eighth-tailed form and starts to break free from the sphere. He is ready to succumb to the Nine-Tails when the Fourth Hokage intervenes.

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